Cumbria Local Access Forum

Welcome to Cumbria and Lakes Local Access Forum

The Cumbria and Lakes Local Access Forum (CALLAF) is an independent statutory advisory body.

Our main purpose is to advise on improving public access to the countryside in Cumbria (excluding the Yorkshire Dales National Park). 

Our role is to: 

  • advise on matters relating to access to the countryside 
  • improve opportunities for everyone to enjoy the public rights of way network and open access land
  • advise on balancing recreational access to the countryside with farming, wildlife, landscape, conservation, cultural and heritage needs
  • consider the needs of residents, farmers, landowners, land managers and tourism operators
  • consider social, economic and educational factors 
  • advise on issues concerning Open Access land (mountain, moorland, common, heath and down)
  • help steer and monitor countryside access policy. 

Details of meetings, including agendas and minutes are available on this website.

If you want to know more about where to walk, cycle or ride in Cumbria(outside the national parks), take this link to the Cumbria County Council Countryside Access website. .