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Membership Details : Bridget Pickthall

Bridget Pickthall
The Orchard
015395 61243

Bridget is a farmer and self-employed gardener.  As an enthusiastic walker and horse rider she has always enjoyed opportunities to use public rights of way to explore Cumbria, and as a farmer and landowner she has a good working knowledge of the countryside and fully appreciates concerns about conflicts of interest.  She strongly feels that rights of way represent part of our county and national heritage and there is still a lot to be learnt from them about our social history.

As founder member and Secretary of the Hincaster Trailway Group, Bridget has gained experience in dealing with local government and the media and has developed a wider knowledge of land, conservation and access issues.  Being a fellow landowner and understanding farming practice has been particularly useful when negotiating with other landowners.  The development of the Hincaster Trailway relies heavily on volunteer participation and the Group has been successful in liaising with a variety of conservation, recreation, educational and community groups.  The experience of working in partnership with a wide range of interested parties has been pivotal to their success in securing funding for the project.