Cumbria Local Access Forum


Membership Authority members are

  • Helen Wall, Cumbria County Council 
  • Geoff Davies, Lake District National Park 
  • Nick Cotton, Cumbria County Council


Coastal Access  An important role for the Cumbria  and Lakes Local Access Forum is to input into the Coastal Access consultation process. Cumbria is one of the pilot areas chosen by Natural England for the implementation of Coastal Access. Lessons learned here will influence how the coastal path will develop around the country.

The first section of the new coast path is now open from Allonby to Whitehaven.  While stretch 2 Whitehaven to Silecroft, stretch 3 Allonby to Gretna and stretch 4 Walney Island are currently being developed.

Natural England have recruited additional staff (July 2015) to speed up the process with the aim of completing the path around the coast of England by 2020.

The Forum is currently consulting with Natural England on the exclusion of a number of marshes on suitability or conservation grounds.