Cumbria Local Access Forum


Agri-environment schemes 
The various Government schemes that promote environmentally friendly farming. 

Ancient semi-natural woodland 
Area of land that has been woodland with continuous cover since at least 1600 AD. 

Annual Package of Measures (APM) 
An umbrella terms for a number of programmes consisting of transport schemes of less than 30,000 within the LTP. It includes a sustainable transport programme. 

Annual Progress Report (APR) 
Report submitted by the County Council setting out progress on achieving the objectives and targets within the LTP. It is the basis on which central government determines the capital allocation for transport within the County. 

Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONBs) 
Designated by the Countryside Agency primarily to conserve and enhance natural beauty. 

Best Practical Environmental Option 
The option that provides the most benefits or least damage to the environment as a whole at acceptable cost. 

Byway open to all traffic (BOAT) 
Often shortened to byway. A route that can legally be used by all traffic, including motor vehicles. 

Community Strategies 
Plans established under the Local Government Act 2000, which are developed through community participation, including collaboration with Local Strategic Partnerships, which seek to improve the economic, social and environmental well being of the area and its inhabitants. 

Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000(CROW) 
Act of Parliament that creates new rights to walk on 'open country' - mountain, moor, heath, down and common land. The Act also covers public rights of way, nature conservation and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. 

Development Plan 
The Development Plan consists of the Structure Plan, the Minerals and Waste Local Plan and the relevant Local Plan. 

Environmentally Sensitive Area (ESA) 
Area of outstanding environmental importance in which the Government wishes to promote environmentally-friendly farming. Farmers in these areas can get grants and compensation for income foregone by joining this voluntary scheme. The Lake District ESA has almost the same boundary as the Lake District National Park. 

Green road 
An unsurfaced track. The route may be a public right of way such as a footpath, bridleway, carriageway, or have no public right of way at all. 

Integrated access 
Managing access that people of all abilities, ethnic groups and social backgrounds can use and enjoy. Projects may make it easier to get into the countryside for people who are excluded, by for example improving public transport or linking different forms of transport. 

Limited or restricted mobility 
Description of ability in people who may find it difficult to get around. Limitations are not confined to physical ability. They can also include parents and carers with pushchairs. 

Local Nature Reserve (LNR) 
Area designated by the local authority, often owned by them and managed by other bodies, such as Wildlife Trusts. 

Local Transport Plan (LTP) 
Statutory document setting out the transport policies and a programme for a five-year period. The current Plan is for 2001 to 2006. Contains policies on, inter alia, walking. 

National Nature Reserve (NNR) 
Area designated by English Nature for the national or international importance of their wildlife or natural features. 

Open Country 
Mountain, moor, heath, down and registered common land that have a new public right of access on foot as a result of CROW. 

Ramsar Site 
Wetland of international importance designated under the Ramsar Convention 1971. Signatories to the Convention protect internationally important wetlands, especially those used by migratory water birds, and use wetlands wisely. 

Right of Way (ROW) 
A road, footpath, bridleway or byway open to all traffic that people have a legal right to use. 

Right Of Way Improvement Plan (ROWIP) 
A plan required by CROW to be produced by the highway authority setting out proposals for the development and improvement of the Right of Way network. 

Rural Regeneration Cumbria (RRC) 
A company set up to deliver rural regeneration within Cumbria funded by central government. The strategic objectives of the company include Rights of Way development. 

Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) 
Conservation site designated by English Nature designated because of nationally important plants, animals, geological or physiographical features. 

Special Area of Conservation (SAC) 
Protected area designated by the European Union under the Habitats Directive. These areas conserve the 253 habitat types, 200 animal and 434 plant species listed in the Habitats Directive. 

Special Protection Area (SPA) 
Protected area designated by the European Union under the Birds Directive. These areas protect the 182 bird species and sub-species listed in the Birds Directive. 

Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) 
An order issued by the Highway Authority for a number of purposes including avoiding danger to people or traffic, damage to the road, preventing unsuitable traffic, for preserving the character of the road and preserving or improving the amenities of an area. 

Unclassified county road 
A road where legal vehicle use is presumed but not proven. 

Arrows sited along public paths to show the route people should follow.